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Rose Gold Engagement Rings

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Rose gold
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Rose Gold Engagement Rings

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Customer reviews for Rose Gold Engagement Rings

  • Aleksander

    I’m to propose to my girlfriend soon. I was looking for an oval-diamond engagement ring, and it was essentially nowhere. I liked those designs I saw in PIERRE. This was what I real...

  • Aleksandr Gorbachev

    I wanted to imagine as clearly as possible what my ring would look like. I also really liked that you could see the gem before it is mounted. A large selection of gem cuts and ring...

    Aleksandr Gorbachev

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FAQ about Rose Gold Engagement Rings in New Zealand

Can I choose a different metal for the band of my Rose Gold Engagement Ring?

While rose gold is a popular choice, we also offer white gold, yellow gold, and platinum. You can mix metals or choose a complementary metal for your wedding band for a unique look.

Do you provide guidance on the best wedding band to pair with a Rose Gold Engagement Ring?

Certainly! Our experts can help you choose a wedding band that complements the warm tones of the rose gold setting, creating a cohesive and stunning bridal set.

What sets Rose Gold Engagement Rings apart from other metal options?

Rose Gold Engagement Rings feature a romantic and warm hue that adds a touch of vintage charm. The blend of gold, copper, and silver creates a unique and timeless look.

Are the diamonds in your Rose Gold Engagement Rings ethically sourced?

Yes, ethical sourcing is a top priority for us. The diamonds in our Rose Gold Engagement Rings come from reputable suppliers committed to ethical and sustainable practices.
Prices for Rose Gold Engagement Rings in New Zealand
18K Rose Gold Ring with Princess Cut Diamond NZ$82,257
18K Rose Gold Ring with Emerald Cut Diamond NZ$82,912
6-Prong Black Diamond with Duo-color Pave Ring Rose Gold NZ$185,300
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